Welcome to I-5 Quarter Midget Club

I-5 QMC is a Nasar Youth Series affiliated quarter midget club. We hold double header race weekends throughout the summer on our dirt track. We are a club that puts in the hard work to prep our track to make race days as fun as possible for our racers and families. If you have any questions about becoming a member, please email the club at i-5qmc@hotmail.com.

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What is a Quarter Midget?

A Quarter Midget car is a scaled down version of an actual midget race car. With tubular 4130 alloy frames, springs or torsion bars, and real race shocks, these are more than your average backyard go-cart.

With several platforms of engines and classes to choose from, you will often see the same child competing in more than one class. Races are ran by membership volunteers, and instills a sense of responsibility in the children set by example.

Quarter Midget Racing may be the only place where you will see a 5 year old child get out of his race car and hop on his bicycle that still has training wheels. And right behind him is a 16 year old that is helping him or her learn to ride the bike and then showing his young friend how to go faster on the race track. Quarter Midget Racing is where life-long friendships are made.

Benefits of Quarter Midget Racing

Why Choose I-5 Quarter Midget Club?

Car Shows

We host exciting car shows and events throughout the year. Whether you have a classic, a sports car, or a custom ride, our shows are open to all. Join us and showcase your passion!


Connect with fellow enthusiasts and expand your network. I-5 Quarter Midget Club offers opportunities to share knowledge, seek advice, and build lasting friendships within the community.

Supporting Local Businesses

We actively support local businesses by partnering with them for events and sponsorships. By being part of I-5 Quarter Midget Club, you contribute to the growth of our community.

Our History

The I-5 Quarter Midget Club (QMC) celebrated a remarkable milestone in 2023 as it marks its 26th anniversary. This thriving organization owes its existence to the unwavering dedication and vision of its founders, Clint Tibbits, Denny Geiger, and Mark Pierce. In 1996, these three visionary individuals, along with their families, embarked on a mission to establish a family-oriented racing organization for children. Little did they know that their initial efforts would lead to the flourishing community we see today. The club derived its name from its first location, a rented dirt track facility in Chehalis, Washington, situated close to the iconic I-5 interstate. This choice proved serendipitous as families from as far south as Portland, Oregon, began to frequent the club, giving greater significance to the I-5 QMC name. A defining characteristic of the I-5 QMC has always been the willingness of its members to embark on extended journeys along the I-5 corridor to participate in racing events. After a few successful years in Chehalis, the club sought new horizons and found them in Vader, Washington. In this picturesque setting, provided generously by one of its members, the club experienced modest growth while fostering a close-knit, familial atmosphere. Throughout these transitions, the core mission of the organization remained steadfast - encouraging families to engage in racing together. The only challenge the club faced was the absence of a permanent home. However, this changed dramatically in the fall of 2003. Confronting the challenge of relocating for the third time, club officials scouted for a venue that could serve as a permanent base. In Elma, Washington, and the Grays Harbor Raceway, they found an off-the-beaten-path gem that perfectly encapsulated the small-town charm they sought. In just 26 weeks, a small group of dedicated volunteers accomplished the extraordinary feat of constructing a permanent quarter midget racing facility. This monumental achievement was realized through relentless hard work, unwavering determination, unyielding commitment, and significant sacrifices, all guided by a singular mantra - "It's for the kids." The Grays Harbor Mini Raceway, as the quarter midget facility came to be known, now serves as the home for many QMA members who traverse great distances via the I-5 corridor to participate on one of only two West Coast QMA dirt track surfaces. This distinction fills the members of the I-5 QMC with immense pride. The local community and its governing bodies in Elma have provided substantial support, recognizing the value of providing children and families with the opportunity to work and play together. The I-5 QMC has worked tirelessly to become an integral part of the community, sowing the seeds for continued success. In just a few short years, the I-5 QMC, along with the Grays Harbor Mini Raceway, has achieved numerous accomplishments, earning them a new motto - "Where the Legend Begins!" The most remarkable aspect is that, even though the club's new home is nestled off the beaten path, its strength still emanates from the I-5 corridor and the enduring vision of Clint, Denny, and Mark. As the I-5 QMC enters its 27th year, it stands as a testament to the power of vision, hard work, and community spirit, continuing to nurture the passion for quarter midget racing among families while proudly upholding its legacy.

About You

To become a valued member of our racing community, we look for the following qualities:

  • Talent and Motivation: We seek talented and highly motivated young drivers who share a deep passion for racing. It's crucial that our drivers have a strong desire to continuously learn and enhance their racing skills.
  • Previous Racing Experience: While not mandatory, it's advantageous for drivers to have prior experience in go-karting or other forms of racing. This experience helps them grasp essential racing principles and safety protocols from the start.
  • Supportive Family and Team: In the world of quarter midget racing, family support is pivotal. Your family's role in providing support, managing transportation logistics, and offering financial assistance cannot be understated. A supportive family is a valuable asset on and off the track.
  • Dedicated Team: Our racing team consists of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals, including a skilled crew chief and experienced mechanics. They work diligently to optimize your car's performance and provide essential guidance during races, ensuring you have the necessary tools for success.


  • 6/10/23 - Club Race #1
  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

  • 6/11/23 - Club Race #2
  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

  • 6/24/23 - Club Race #3 (qualify open records)
  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

  • 6/25/23 - Club Race #4
  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

  • 7/1/23 - MUDSLINGER
  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

  • 7/2/23 - MUDSLINGER
  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

  • 7/8/23 - Club Race #5
  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

  • 7/9/23 - Club Race #6
  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

  • 8/12/23 - Club Race #7 (qualifying)
  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

  • 8/13/23 - Club Race #8
  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

  • 8/26/23 - DUST AFTER DARK
  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

  • 9/9/23 - Club Race #9
  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

  • 9/10/23 - Club Race #10 (track clean up & BBQ)
  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

  • 10/7/23 - MAKE UP
  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

  • 10/7/23 - MAKE UP
  • Location: Grays Harbor Mini Raceway

Our Events

Join us at our exciting events held at various locations. Explore the world of high-speed racing and adrenaline-pumping action. Check our website and social media for event details and updates. Let's make memories together!

Track Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Fun! Be Safe! Race Hard! The I-5 QMC - Where the Legend Begins!

Directions to the Track

From I-5 North - Olympia:


From I-5 South - Portland:


Track Location:

32 Elma-McCleary Rd
Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds
Elma, WA 98541


There is a fee for overnight parking at Grays Harbor Fairgrounds, including our track. There are 2 options-payable to Grays Harbor Fair:

  1. $20 per night, $10 for tents
  2. Season pass for $150 (Please Pay In Advance)

I-5 QMC Camping Rules

I-5 QMC Camping Reservations Form

Race Fees:

  1. Entry fee will be $20.00 per car, $10 for Rookies for each club race.
  2. Annual utilities fee will be $10.00 for the year - payable at the first race you attend.

Tires and Fuel:

Treaded tires allowed ONLY on left front, no exceptions.

MANDATORY FUEL: 89 Octane purchased at TOADS convenience station located just West of the Fairgrounds on Main St.

Sponsorship Overview

We proudly acknowledge our sponsors for their invaluable support. Our sponsors, who share our passion for motorsports, play a crucial role in the success of I-5 Quarter Midget Club. We encourage all our members to consider our sponsors in their daily purchases and show appreciation for their contributions. Together, we build a stronger community.

Sponsor 1
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Location: Sponsor Location 1


Sponsor 2
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